User behaviour or Search Engine behaviour

I have been away from blogging since last two or three months; thanks to my few hard taken decisions on deciding my career path. Well that is another point and I have decided to go freelancing and already working as a freelance professional for more than two months now. Staying away from blogging didn’t mean I am not watching over my blog. Couple of months back I wrote an article (of course technical one) about a hack to Integrate FCKEditor File Manager into the new CKEDitor. Very soon it became pretty popular and that article indeed generated good traffic on my site. There were many fellows like me who were in search of a similar solution and stumbled upon my article. Many sites linked back to me as well and almost daily there were 2-3 comments posted on that article. I could also see the number of page views in my google analytics dashboard rising higher. I believe the article helped many people and thought it would continue to remain popular unless any competitive solution is available on the Internet. However recently I have started seeing low responses to that article in the form of very less comments or no comments at all for weeks. This makes me think what has happened to the user behavior and their response to the article. To date there are around 107 comments in all for that article and it makes me sad that the article is no more fetching any more comments. Is there something wrong with my blog or just a change in user behavior? The search engine ranking using the most common keywords related that article puts me on the first page at least in google and I am sure there is no other competitive solution yet on the Internet. Also the number page views for that article pretty much appears to be same as it was initially, but for some reasons comments have stopped. What could be the reason?…

Any thoughts or comments? please post and of course I checked my blog’s comment box and its working 🙂

  • Brad

    Maybe all the questions were answered!? The tutorial is excellent!

    I’m using it on my website.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I’m not famous

    What is the best company to use for website ranking? I found Quickranks and how do I choose?

  • Jerry Davis

    Maybe you saturated your market? Also, maybe other sites now offer your instruction as their own. Have you looked for your information duplicated on other sites? Did you copy protect your info?