The Motif WP Theme Switcher was released finally today to the WordPress community. That makes me feel very glad contributing back to the community from which i have taken so much.

This plugin will allow you to automatically switch themes of your WordPress blog each day. You can setup the theme and day combination within your WordPress admin area, through the plugin options screen. Assign a theme for each day of the week and the plugin will automatically change your WordPress theme to that day.

This version is basic, and I have few new ideas that I plan to implement in future versions.

I welcome your comments about this plugin (my first ever open source work). Please comment at the end of this page.

If you find any bugs please report it here. I would be glad if someone could do a rigourus test for this.

Finally if you liked this plugin please rate it on the WordPress Plugins directory.

  • slavbase

    Hello, help please as to alter the plugin motif-wordpress-theme-switcher so that the selected template includes such as from 15 December 2009 to 15 January 2010? But from 15 January to 14 December another?

  • Penuel

    Slavbase, thats a good feature. I may implement this in future versions as to many other enhancements i have in mind. However I am sorry that immediate implementation of your request won’t be possible. Thanks for choosing the plugin.

  • Paresh

    Hi Penuel,

    This is awesome :).

    You are wordpress guru…

    Thanks for creating a such kind of plugin.

    Hope you are creating more plugin in future….