Should technology adjust to human beings or human beings should adjust to technology?

After giving some thought to this question I have come to the following answer. Human beings are the supreme creature that God has created and He has given us the control over everything.

As time passed by, humans have created lots of tools, techniques to solve their daily problems. And as science and human understanding of things grew we have solved many problems and made our lives easier and better than before. All this has been done through advancement in technology in different fields. Technology has advanced unbelievably faster after the spread of the Internet and computing in different fields. The modern developments in the field of AI, machine learning and automation are unbelievable and oftentimes it looks like that computers and machines will take over human beings in many fields. However, the question is why such advancement in technology is required? There are many reasons like businesses can increase their profitability by recruiting fewer people.. People can live more comfortable lives with less effort and so on and so forth.. Also technology advancement can be categorized as either good or bad. Some technology are good for human beings like Internet connecting our loved ones living far from us, and some could be dangerous like a nuclear bomb.

Personally I have felt that no technology created by human beings is perfect and there are always some side effects associated with it and the cost has to be paid sooner or later. I believe that technology should be designed and developed keeping in mind the needs of the entire human race and not for the profit of only certain restricted or privileged groups. Technology should be used to solve the problems of humans and humans must have control over it, rather than the other way around. The user of a certain technology is ultimately a human being so it should adjust according to the needs of a human being. Human beings tend to reject the ideas, tools, and technology that are hard to use and that come in the way of smoother execution of things.

On the other hand humans also have to make adjustments up to a certain level in early stages of a technology if the benefits of using the new technology outweigh the hardship of using it, however we have seen that as the technology advances it has always been made easier to use it than its earlier versions. Overall I feel that technology has to adjust according to human needs and not humans adjusting to the technology.

Also a company or organization tends to win the competition that gives users more freedom and choice to use its product and technology. Innovation in technology is always carried out keeping in mind to improve the offering to human beings as they are the consumers. If we imagine human beings would adjust to a technology, that could only happen if users don’t have an alternative. It would last only until some innovation happens that makes some existing technology better.

I think the best piece of technology is we Human Beings – the creation of God and what we create for ourselves must be for our use and benefit. It should not be allowed to rule over us. The moment we start adjusting to a technology we are going to be its slaves.

These are my thoughts on this topic but I would like to know your thoughts about this topic. So please comment and leave your feedback.