SVN Integration with Mantis Bug Tracking System

Its very useful if we have SVN intergrated to the bug tracking system like Mantis. It removes the hassle from the developers to keep the bug tracking system updated always when they resolve/fix a bug. With such kind of integration there can be many advantages.

  1. The bug tracker reports the latest status about the bug automatically without the need for the developer to update the status.
  2. We can have list of files that have been updated to resolve a bug any time.
  3. Streamlines the work flow from bug reporting to resolution, tracking the status of project effectively.
  4. Increases productivity

We recently adopted such integration of SVN with Mantis and is proving very effective giving us always an updated status about a bug, feature.

Its really very simple to implement such integration playing with one of the hooks of SVN and few already made files of Mantis. A wonderful and easy to understand article about how to do such integration is posted on ALT-Tag