Prototyping tool Axure

Axure RP Pro is a nice prototyping tool for building wireframes of your application before you start actual development. It has a very good set of features, which allows you to build almost real application. Building a prototype or wireframe initially can give you and your client clear ideas before the actual development starts which can save a lot of rework and recognize the hinderences upfront.

Axure has following great features, which makes it an ideal prototyping tool.

  • Master Pages (templates) to apply common look to all your pages.
  • Full set of user interface controls, shapes, images, menus, dynamic panels.
  • Full support of styled contents, fonts, colors, lines.
  • Ability link up pages/screens through events like onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout, pageload.
  • Ability to control the parts of page through use of variables and conditions.
  • Ability to attach notes and specifications to pages and controls.
  • Excellent reporting functionality.
  • Instant generation of HTML wireframes to browse in a web browser.
  • Export functionailty export screen designs in images.
  • Flow chart available.
Above all the tool is very easy, intuitive and can easily get hold of it.