Improve the speed of your page

Just as I was looking at the Webmasters tool today I found a new FireFox add-on tool by Google called Page Speed. It helps you evaluate the performance of your web page and get suggestions to improve the speed/performance of your web page.

The below video gives you a quick overview of the tool which showcases some cool features, like javascript minify and others.

Another alternative to this is YSlow another FireFox add-on from Yahoo, to increase the performance of your webpage

Mac Safari Screenshots

BrowsrCamp provides a free service to test your website layouts/pages on a Mac Safari Browser. This tool is nice to test your layouts on Mac Safari even if you don’t have one.

Usage is simple.

1. Goto BrowsrCamp and enter the URL of the page you want to test

2. Select the resolution, you want to test in your page

3. Select quality of the screenshot image.

4. Hit enter, you will get a nice screenshot of your webpage about how it will look in Mac Safari.

5. Click on thumbnail image generated to view the actual size image.

The free service offers only testing on Mac Safari, paid service offers a wide range of browsers.

Prototyping tool Axure

Axure RP Pro is a nice prototyping tool for building wireframes of your application before you start actual development. It has a very good set of features, which allows you to build almost real application. Building a prototype or wireframe initially can give you and your client clear ideas before the actual development starts which can save a lot of rework and recognize the hinderences upfront.

Axure has following great features, which makes it an ideal prototyping tool.

  • Master Pages (templates) to apply common look to all your pages.
  • Full set of user interface controls, shapes, images, menus, dynamic panels.
  • Full support of styled contents, fonts, colors, lines.
  • Ability link up pages/screens through events like onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout, pageload.
  • Ability to control the parts of page through use of variables and conditions.
  • Ability to attach notes and specifications to pages and controls.
  • Excellent reporting functionality.
  • Instant generation of HTML wireframes to browse in a web browser.
  • Export functionailty export screen designs in images.
  • Flow chart available.
Above all the tool is very easy, intuitive and can easily get hold of it.