Travelling on a BRTS

Yesterday, I got a chance to travel in a BRTS bus, a buzzing word these days in our city, Ahmedabad. People seem to be excited about it, especially the commuters who rely on the public transport system for their daily commute. Well, the BRTS service was launched in our city 5 months back and has been proving an efficient means of transport, but I got the chance to travel on it only late yesterday when I was returning back to home from my office as I had no vehicle with me.

For those who don’t know what BRTS stands for, its called Bus Rapid Transit System. It’s a public transport means designed for people traveling within the city, and to connect long distances. The system was designed to provide fast, frequent and safe transportation facility to people. The project was done under the heading “JanMarg” which means “People’s way”.

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Kodemaster has been thinking about poverty. A fiery topic. Poverty kills day by day. The so called advanced world has failed to defeat poverty. Numerous children sleep without a single meal a day, they roam naked under a hot scorching sun and there is no one to cover them in cold nights. Our hearts of stone can’t realize their pain, their anguish, their suffering. Aaah we are so busy to notice them even. We laugh at them when they come begging us instead.

Where are our souls have gone? Why don’t we help? Are we dead?

God has given us enough good to help these poors. Our humble actions, can help remove poverty and that’s what we earn.

I support Blog Action Day and thank them to ignite the care for our poor fellow human beings.