How to track Facebook Ads Order Conversion tracking in PrestaShop Store

If you want to track the conversions that happen on your PrestaShop store as a result of your Facebook ads campaign, you can create a conversion tracking pixel to put on your order confirmation page of you website. Once you have the tracking pixel you need to embed it into your conversion page which is generally your Order Confirmation Page of PrestaShop. This can be done generally in two ways based on your technical skills and resources.

Method 1: Edit your theme file

If you are comfortable editing the PrestaShop theme files you can generally edit the header.tpl file and add the Facebook ads tracking pixel code in the head tags. This might require some advanced programming effort since you need to make sure that the tracking pixel appears only on the header of the order confirmation page (your conversion page) and not on all the web pages on the website. This can become little tricky for non-programmers or one with limited programming skills. Further every time you need to change the pixel id you need to edit your theme files which could be cumbersome and time consuming.

Method 2: Add the code using a PrestaShop module

This method is pretty easy and does not require any programming skills. All you need to  do is to download & install the module and configure it from your Prestashop backoffice. The nifty little module that helps you adding Facebook Pixels on your PrestaShop store is called Conversion Tracking Pixels and Custom Audiences Module and is available for purchase & download on the PrestaShop Addons Market place.

Once you have installed the module all you need to do is to activate the module from the PrestaShop backoffice >> Modules section and, then just input the tracking pixel id by clicking the configure link on the module page. See below screenshots

Step 1

Step 2

Save your settings and you are almost done. With this module you now don’t need to edit the theme files and you don’t need any programming knowledge. Also you can change the tracking pixel id anytime in future without any hassles.

After making the settings you need to make test order on your website so that Facebook can verify the conversion tracking pixel is working correctly. You can check the status of your tracking from you Facebook Ads Manager account and then clicking on the Conversions tab.

For your convenience I have added the button below to buy and download the Facebook Ads Order Conversion Tracking Code Manager module from PrestaShop. Install it and start tracking the conversions right away.

 Download the module from PrestaShop

 For any support or feedback feel free to post your comment below

View how to setup this module in below video

FireFox going awfully slow

It used to be my most used, recommended, favorite, default and what not browser since I came to know about FireFox, but sadly I am seeing a noticeable degrade in the performance of FireFox since last few months and it has escalated to an extent that I have almost completely switched to Chrome. I am using FireFox 3.6 and the problem is so worse that it not only hangs itself but makes my machine hang too. My CPU fan sounds loud, and the CPU usage is not going below 100%, the problem worsens when a page has a Flash component/video playing. I am not sure what has gone wrong as this browser has matured through years; has it been overloaded with features? I feel this isn’t only my issue, as I see many people complaining about it. Chrome appears to work without any problems on my machine and I feel it to be lightweight, I hope FireFox too gears up to what it has been known for.. the fast and secure web browsing experience.

Improve the speed of your page

Just as I was looking at the Webmasters tool today I found a new FireFox add-on tool by Google called Page Speed. It helps you evaluate the performance of your web page and get suggestions to improve the speed/performance of your web page.

The below video gives you a quick overview of the tool which showcases some cool features, like javascript minify and others.

Another alternative to this is YSlow another FireFox add-on from Yahoo, to increase the performance of your webpage