If a certain overwhelming experience in your life does not change you and makes you better, it was not an experience worth going through. It’s time to reflect, learn from it and move to the next post without getting bitter at life but growing strong, having more love and more faith because you see life is full of sequences of such experiences.

~~~ Penuel ~~~


Love is in respect,
Love is in care,
Love is in kindness,
Love is in helpfulness,
Love is in bearing pain,
Love is in patience,
Love is in ingenuity,
Love is in going an extra mile,
Love is in empowering,
Love is in being humble,
Love is in being tolerant,
Love is in acceptance.

Love has all forms some known and yet some unknown.
When you encounter it, you may know it.
Love is not seen, it is felt. But still it is not mere a feeling, it is an act.

Love is so difficult for some people and for some it is generous,
Love wins not only when you get it, it also wins when you let it go.
Love never ends. Love always wins.

~~~ Penuel ~~~

Celebrate Humanity


You are my adversary, but you are not my enemy.
For your resistance gives me strength,
Your will gives me courage,
Your spirit ennobles me.
And though I aim to defeat you, should I succeed, I will not humiliate you.
Instead, I will honor you.
For without you, I am a lesser man.