The Originators

Today a funny email float into by In-box from my other programming fellows with a pun “Know Your Enemies” in the subject. It showed the picture of all those great people who created one or the other programming languages or software techniques or paradigms, and it really amused me.

All these masterminds have done a great job and have contributed a lot in shaping up today’s Computer, Web and IT industry and I really admire them. It was really nice to see how they really look. However, my fellow programming beings seem to be completely bored and frustrated with their daily routine work, tight schedules and absolutely no creativity in life, considering these people as the root of all their frustrations :). But never mind, the creator of the email had just a noble intent to keep up a light humor in the life of that poor frustrated programmer when he opens up his email in morning.

So here are our enemies, oops… sorry the originators 😉

Creators or PHP, C, C++, JAVA, Javascript, Perl, MySQL and others. Click to enlarge.