Improve the speed of your page

Just as I was looking at the Webmasters tool today I found a new FireFox add-on tool by Google called Page Speed. It helps you evaluate the performance of your web page and get suggestions to improve the speed/performance of your web page.

The below video gives you a quick overview of the tool which showcases some cool features, like javascript minify and others.

Another alternative to this is YSlow another FireFox add-on from Yahoo, to increase the performance of your webpage

  • Leo Wadsworth

    Another great free resource for seeing your exact timing as well as testing your site from an external location is at It lets you run a free web test from a bunch of locations around the globe and also lets you see exactly what is going on from the perspective of a fully external user. You can drill down and see exactly what is going on for each and every element being transferred.

  • Penuel

    Thanks for posting. The tool works great.