Blogging hasn’t been easy

Its almost 2 years now I started up the blog and I found it has not been that easy. Amidst the daily rush a routine works I am hardly able to spend good time with this blog, which I started with great hopes of writing frequently. I planned to write at least once in a week on new topics that I would learn, but I failed to do. I found it very difficult to think on a new topic every time and months n months passed by without writing a single post.

In 2009 I got engaged and I got married. We waited for 7 months after our engagement before we got married in December. During this period, whatever spare time I got after my office hours (9 to 10 hours) I used to talk with my fiancee, or in holidays I visited her place (she stayed in different town far from mine) or any other function related to our marriage or anything like that. During this period I hardly got any time to write on this blog or could hardly think of anything else than marriage 🙂

Secondly, 2009 had been really dumb year for my professional life. There had not been many exciting or challenging projects to work on, except few new things l learned. But I felt they had not been enough to inspire me to write some cool blog post.

Evaluating the above two points, I feel the two main reasons for drought of posts on my blog is lack of time and lack of inspiration. I am a no good writer and need both time and inspiration in lots of amount. Hope I would manage to find them more this year.