PHP Softwares, Utilities, libraries for web developers

This post is about some free software, libraries, packages that we as a PHP developers require regularly. This can be useful list to explore to someone who is new to PHP development.

Code Editors/IDEs

  1. PHP Eclipse or PDT IDE for PHP Coding
  2. Notepad++ enhanced version of windows notepad with many cool features
  3. NetBeans IDE with support for PHP, JAVA, Ruby

Code Libraries, Frameworks

  1. Zend – MVC Framework for development of Web Apps in PHP
  2. CakePHP – another MVC framework for PHP web apps
  3. PEAR – A repository of resuable PHP classes & components
  4. jQuery, UI & plugins– javascript framework for development of stylish javascript intensive web 2.0 apps


  1. MYSQL
  2. Postgre SQL

Software & Packages

  1. XAMPP– A complete ready to install package (PHP, APACHE, MYSQL) for php developers which includes all tools required for PHP development
  2. WAMP – Similar to XAMP
  3. FileZilla – Free FTP Client

Diagramming Tools

  1. yEd Graph Editor simple and powerful tool to draw diagrams, flows, charts
  2. StarUML tool for drawing UML diagrams
  3. Visual Paradigm for drawing ER Diagrams, UML

Project Management & Collaboration

  1. Gantt Project
  2. Serena OpenProj
  3. SVN – Source Code Management tool
  4. Tortise SVN – free svn client to checkout/checkin your files in SVN
  5. Mantis BT for bug tracking and resoltution